Naamisuvanto Fishing Resort

Our company also offers high quality salmon fishing safaris and fishing excursions in Tornio / Torne River in Lapland.

Travel Pello – Tourism of Pello in Finnish Lapland

Our company is located in Pello in Finnish Lapland. On the Travel Pello website you will find useful tourism information about Pello, the fishing capital of Finland.

Valkea Arctic Experience holiday village in Pello in Lapland

Valkea Lodge is a new holiday resort that opened in December 2017 on Mount Ritavaara in Pello only 8 km from the Tornio River.

Finnish Lapland
Useful information about the tourism of Finnish Lapland.

Visit Finland
All about tourism of Finland.

Visit Rovaniemi – Travel Portal of Rovaniemi

Our company is located about 100 km from Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland and home to the largest airport in the region. Rovaniemi is also home to Arktikum and to world-famous Santa Claus Village, where you can meet Santa Claus every day of the year in Santa Claus Office or in Christmas House. In Santa Claus Village you can also meet Mrs. Claus in her Christmas Cottage or visit SantaPark, Santa’s Grotto. View Santa Claus videos in Santatelevision.

Heart of Lapland – Tourism of Tornio River Valley’s Swedish side
Website of the tourism of the Swedish in the Tornio River Valley. Naamisuvanto Salmon Fishing resort is a great launchpad for adventures into Swedish Lapland as well.

Swedish Lapland – all about the tourism of Swedish Lapland

Our hometown Pello is situated on the Finnish bank of the Tornio (Torne) River, a border river between Finnish and Swedish Lapland. Therefore our resort is a great launchpad for adventures into Swedish Lapland as well.

Santatelevision – Santa Claus Internet TV

Rovaniemi-based Santatelevision presents popular Youtube channel and & . Santatelevision’s Santa Claus videos, viewed over 200 million times in total, have been filmed in Rovaniemi and in Pello, Finland. The company Joulupukki TV presents aussi Europe Video Productions travel channel and make website for companies like Christmas House Safaris in Rovaniemi , Aito Log Houses and Porovaara Hill Electric Snowmobile Safaris.